Katie Scarlett Brandt

Writer, Editor, Content Strategist


photo by  Stephanie Bassos


Katie Scarlett Brandt is an award-winning journalist, editor, and content strategist available for freelance.

I’ve always been a curious person. At age 7, I challenged my younger brother to put his hand under the water cooler’s red tap because I wanted to know how hot it was. (I subsequently found out what happens when you go to an emergency room for a second-degree burn. Sorry, Nick.)

During college, as an editorial intern at the University of Chicago, I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with surgeons while they placed electrodes on a child’s brain to stop his seizures. As an assistant editor, I raced in an ambulance with an organ transplant team to procure a heart for a patient. Each scenario gave me a glimpse behind the curtain of how our world works and what it means to be human.

Much of my writing has centered on medicine, but stories of intriguing people, places, and ideas beyond medicine draw me in, too. I specialize in untangling complicated webs—problems with no easy answers—making the threads accessible through human-centered storytelling, research, and data. By cutting through pretension and false claims, I want to give people the information they need to make informed decisions on issues impacting their lives. Once published, I follow each story’s journey, noting how readers interact with it and which pieces resonate.

I spend my screen-free time hiking, weaving, and traveling. My husband and I (plus our dogs) recently returned from a 9-month, 18,000-mile road trip in an RV, during which we visited 23 states. And for part of the trip, my younger brother hosted us in California—despite that time I sent him to the ER.



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